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L.A. Celebrity Run Ins: When Our Local Stars Meet International Stars

Black Coffee started this on a high with him hanging out with P. Diddy and French Montana for the "meeting of the minds".
From then on its been one hell of a ride for our favourites local acts from Cassper meeting up with Karrueche and wishing to marry her to Riky with Migos and Dj Fanatic with Scott Storch.
Peep some of the pictures that have popped up on social.

Having a Lil argument with bae... Okay I'm lying but I'm going to marry this woman!!! So beautiful and humble too... @karrueche

A video posted by Refiloe Phoolo πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦ (@casspernyovest) on

Dreaming of Karrueche

Dj Drama And Cassper

Ricky Rick and Migos could easily be a group.

The power couples and a couple of producers just joking. Will I Am,Akon,AKA,Bonang,Enhle, and BlackCoffee. AKA says he respects BlackCoffee for all his work but that doesnt change how he feels about him.

Dj Fanatic gets one with Scott Storch if you dont know him let me remind you. He was once upon a time one of the most recognisable hit makers in hip hop. You remember Candy Shop by 50 Cents and Little Bit. Yup that was all him.