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Kendrick Lamar Billboard Interview /Video With NWA

I’m tripping right now. Man, I’m bugging. So bear with me ... When did you first know you were more than local stars?

Dr. Dre: When I saw Axl Rose wearing an N.W.A cap in one of his videos!

How did N.W.A change the history of music?

Ice Cube: We not only changed music, we changed pop culture all over the world. We did that by making it all right for artists to be themselves. You no longer had to be squeaky clean. We opened the floodgates for artists who wanted to work on this side, artists who wanted to be raw.

Dr. Dre: And not worry about being on the radio.

Ice Cube: Right. There were no other examples of artists not doing it the square way. We became examples for not only musicians, but for shows like South Park, even the reality shows where they’re bleeping out words. We started that on the radio -- bleeping out words -- but the rawness wasn’t in the world until N.W.A said it was OK for you to be yourself. There’s the world before N.W.A, and the world after.

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