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@JoeBudden Releases Another Diss Track - 'Wake', For Drake

"I think you rap good, but you a movie star, so that owl's appropriate, we don't know who you are"

YOOO !! Drake better buckle up if Joe Budden goin' keep dropping tracks that come with this level of heat. I didn't feel 'Making A Murderer' that much so I'm glad he came back with round 2.

"Don't send a text, I don't care y'all mad. Shit, I waited 5 days nigga where y'all at?" - this was a nice play off of Drake's own line. Y'all think Drake goin' take another 5 days to respond ?

For most of the track, he's coming at him for being a 'user' to get his own game up. From stealing Migos' flow, to not giving PARTYNEXTDOOR the credit he's due, to The Weeknd saga & the whereabouts of producer Mike Zombie who produced 'Started From the Bottom.'

You'd swear Joe Budden had a couple o' houses the way he addresses so much on this joint.

Dusted & murked.
Rating: ★★★★

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