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J-Cole The Highest Hip Hop Earner On Billboard's Top Money-Makers List of 2015 Peep The List

Although J Cole is sitting nicely at number 27, -Taylor Swift being number one earning almost ten times what J Cole made-This is a great look for hip hop that has substance and is not filled with sing alongs.In 2015 he received 1 billion streams and was was one of eight acts on the list to generate more than $1 million in publishing revenue. He's on his way to SA to make more dash so aint no stopping his run.

Ex OVO The Weekend was 200,000 dollars behind J -Cole.His touring wasn't as strong as Cole's but he did well with the sals,streaming and publishing.

Surprisingly Drake was not leading the race even though he was the No. 1 streamed artist with 2.9 billion plays and No. 3 in artist royalties $6.7 million. He was definitely making money in other ways cause he's number 5 on the Forbes list with Diddy,Dre,Jayz and Birdman.

Nicki Minaj was last on the list very important to have female representation in a male dominated hip hop sport.