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News: Is There Beef Between @EJAY_CPT x @Beatsbytweezy

Beef ain't good especially when two people have a good thing going. But this is part of the game. Yes we all say that but sometimes beef can be good for a situation. In some cases it can also seem so futile that a simple telephone call ( Yeah Telephone) can solve everything.

Since last year Tweezy x Ejay were inseparable with each being there for one another. In fact wherever you saw Tweezy you saw E-jay and the work that was coming out was mad dope. Tweezy could have messed with anyone in the game but he was with E-Jay. E-Jay could have tried to team up with anyone but he messed Tweezy.

Did we mention that the work that was coming out was dope. Point in case #PartyTillEkseni is the most downloaded song on SlikourOnLife x Apartheid EP was/Is on the way.

I speak for all the fans here when I say that it would be cool if this can be resolved.

E-jay is mad talented and Tweezy is mad talented. Can peace be restored.