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Introducing @WTF_DBN #NgwenyaTownEP

Questions answered! WTF made an announcement about what to expect on their EP and most importantly, it's title and release date. I still wanna know though, who came up with this name? Cause I think I remember seeing one of their fam' members on the social media streets suggest it. I could be wrong, either way, it's brilliant.

Cav' their fantastical Instagram announcement:

"Durban hip hop powerhouse, WTF, has announced that they are releasing their (unmastered) EP titled Ngwenya Town, on the 21st of November, this year. The group’s eccentricity and creativity come together spectacularly in this new, long awaited effort, that is a concoction of bizarre and [email protected] twists and turns of the trippy, roller-coaster experience that the trio have survived as they gallivant their gang-affiliated, high-rolling, intoxicated and trippy existence. And introducing 3 new characters into their imaginative world - uMudli kaCheese, Ncika and Groovy Croc. They join the guest list of Ngwenya Town alongside DJ Tira, KO, Scoop Makhathini and more. The EP will be available digitally on Audio Mack, iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Soundcloud and Youtube. #NgwenyaTownEP #WTF #GqomTrap 🎨 by @trust_b1"