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International Hyena @KwestaDaKAR Makes Sway's Top 5 2017 Freestyles Thus Far

What's that thing they say about when God shows up, He shows off?! Precisely what I am seeing with this here glorious case of DaKAR's light beaming this year. That time it's only July. What an inspiring year it is watching the homie finally get his. From headlining SXSW to sweeping up the SAMAs and his impressive feature on Sway In The Morning it's been an uphill ride. The magic doesn't stop there, his album DaKAR II went platinum and Ngud' went quintriple platinum. Shortly after that occasion we saw him headline T.I's Hustlegang Tour finale out in Atlanta last month.

All that listing and I still ain't gotten to the gist of this post's purpose. Sway shared that Kwesta's freestyle is one of the most notable (Top 5) so far this year. This is amongst the likes of Jay Dot Deep; the trio freestyle by Westside Gunn, Conway and Benny, Oswin Benjamin and the unf#%kwittable CyHi The Prynce! Watchu know about bars being bars no matter where you're from?!

Make sure you download his freestyle turned into song, Hyena over here