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Inside @Priddy_Ugly Upcoming #EGYPT Album

Priddy Ugly is finally dropping an album after many years of killing it on the scene and growing his name into the formidable artist he is now. This year has been a good one for him culminating from all his efforts in the past years. He finally signed with a record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, after possible talks to sign with Cashtime Life last year.

We're finally ready for a "commercial" debut piece and it's called EGYPT which stands for "Everything Godly Yearns Patience and Time". Yes now! We've seen many times over that patience is indeed the key to cracking it in this industry. Speaking of the album, he and Wichi 1080 have been hard at work on the piece and I witnessed it myself while with them in Swaziland where they traveled with a portable studio set up for the beats ya feel? I noticed two new songs from him during his performance, and now he shares another preview with us on his socials. Let me tell you about a track called Carrots (which I cannot confirm will be on the album or not), the joint is buzzing with a heavy bass and mad hype. On the other hand, his next single titled Tshela will be a fully vernac joint with mad singability. The song could possibly take over the summer when it drops 'cause the hook is about filling the cup till it runeth over; "tlatsa tanka, tshela/ Fanta, Fanta, tshela/ Hunter's, Hunter's tshela/ papsak, papsak, tshela/" something I know will have the people hooked in the festive season! I can't wait for more news on this joint.

Meanwhile, peep the latest to be previewed by him: