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@iFaniHaymani #1stDayGold Almost Hits Gold- 5 Things To Learn From It

Sales figures

iFani #1stdayGold campaign was probably met with a lot of doubt when he first announced it.Yet his proven the naysayers wrong. Even though he hasn't reached Gold yet his only a few 2000 copies away from getting the plaque. We can all agree that iFani is in his own lane and is never seen with artist that might be trending therefore his success is not dependent on a squad, dick riders or too much self praise. All you have to do is look at the likes from his instagram post verses the most trending rappers, his likes are never as high as them. Yesterday though iFani announced that they've invoiced 17233 albums in one day. Now you ask yourself what pays more to be trending or to get on with your job and mind you business.
So while some people probably dont understand or believe that iFani has sold so many copies in a day lets give you a few lessons of what makes this a strong possibility but most importantly you should learn that posting on Instagram and Twitter is a small part of the work thats required. In our opinion what really makes a project successful is the following.

Hype news


Firstly you got to think of the impossible and then say it to the world so they can tell you how crazy you are. If you take everything personal you probably won't make it to step two. Reading his Insta above  you can sense that iFani has reserved a little space for disappointment but his still going through with it anyway.

iFani #1STDAYGOLD Promo


Get a team that just as crazy as you and depending on the magnitude of the dream they should have the connects and finance to help you reach the people you can't on your own. One can say yah iFani achieved this cause his signed to Sony but there's a lot of artist signed to labels and aren't able to work the recording label to their advantage. Therefore its also key to acknowledge that iFani actually found a way to make the muscle of the label work to his advantage. He basically made Sony work for their money. You gotta respect that.

City Press tweet


Never be too lazy for the press they always looking for stories to applaud if they work or criticize if they fail. Especially ideas of selling 20k in a day who thinks of that and if they do who thinks its possible? These are the type of stories that get the press going so make sure that you share you impossible dream with whoever will listen. Once again if you have a team with the right skills you'll be able to get the right press.

iFani and Ntate Thuso Motaung

iFani at Ilanga Iphepha Lesizwe

iFani at Capricorn FM


Not all that glitters is gold in the city of Joburg. Most artists think if they can get an interview on Vuzu or MTVBase their job is done. Everyone wants to be that international star but no one wants to speak to people at a grass root level. The masses that influence numbers are not in Joburg. You are not a national star until you've done more than one interview on Ukhozi,Lesedi,Capricon, Umhlobo or any other ALS stations. MetroFM and YFM are great but thats not enough. Its one hell of a tiring job to visit radio stations especially when you already famous. Once again iFani used Sony money properly and hit every station that matters. In our times this was what we called effective promoting.

iFani Musica Launch


You said you want to sell 20k in a day so the next thing you need to do is visit the stores that will be selling the music. Not only did iFani do that but he also made it a special day for people who visited the stores by signing post cards and driving the pre order. This is also quite innovative cause public pre orders have always been exclusive to iTunes. Therefore after selling the impossible dream,getting the right partners,doing all types of press across the country , the fifth thing is being in contact with the people that make the sales.

iFani Pearl Modiadie Pre-order


Bonus Its always nice to get co-signs from the hottest ladies in the game.