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If You Looking For Job Opportunities You Want See This - @Vulindlel_eJozi

I aint no politician but my philosophy is simple "give my people a chance to create an opportunity for themselves" I dont care what political party you support or what you believe in but this is a fundamental thing. Before we are a race, before we are politics, we are humans. Every human beings' purpose is to reach their full potential. In order for people to reach their full potential they need to have knowledge of self, and then the next step is understanding how to apply that in the world. If you dont have information on whats waiting for you in the world you become a vessel that starts seeing your knowledge of self as useless and all the potential you have ends up nowhere. You go through life believing you cant be better than your environment and its hard to swallow when you see others do well cause deep inside you know you have the same potential but you not sure why you cant tap into it. Now a imagine how many ghettos we have not only in Joburg but in the country and picture a reality where almost every child in the hood goes through this. This is the reason I was excited when the City Of Johannesburg and Harambee called me up to assist in a project that in my opinion is the first step to getting information about the world thats waiting for every kid in the hood. Therefore giving them tools to prepare themselves and their future. Its allow them to make realistic goals and not live in a fantasy. This is what VulindlelEjozi is about. Unfortunately its only Joburg for now but hopefully every city catches up with it. If this initiative can help you or you know someone that can benefit please register on, and for updates Like the Facebook page vulindlelejozi and Follow the Twitter page @vulindlel_ejozi