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@iam_ph Going On Tour. From S.A To The World #BEDIFFERENTTour

Known for his impressive versatility and energetic stage presence Ph Madubela well known as DJ p.H is arguably one of the countries finest entertainers.

Boasting an exciting 9 years and counting DJ career, p.H is fast becoming a household name in the South African music industry. p.H has always been able to play outstanding music and deliver priceless unforgettable sets. Never shy to experiment outside of his comfort zone when required to.

Known as a party starter on the mic, and crowd pleaser, this precedes him by eons. Known for his ridiculously awesome ability to drop the right song at the right time, p.H has defiantly set himself apart from the rest.

East London born DJ, started out as a house DJ and later took on hip hop as this was his first love. Years of hard work and determination and has seen him feature on countless line ups with some of the countries greatest and a few international headliners.

Enter BE DIFFERENT, where p.H has set himself to tour the world through music. Kick starting things off in SA before branching off to the rest of the world.

Pretty dope huh ?

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