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How You Feel About @thegame Doing His Last Album?

Do rappers ever truly "retire"? Can the music ever stop flowing through you? Does your last album mean that we'll never hear you on record ever again? Is there a right time to hang up the bars?

So many questions to ask but there can never be a finite answer to all of them for everyone 'cause each man's journey is different to the next. The Game says he's recording his last album as promised when he announced the title, Westside Story spawning off a collabo joint he and 50 Cent did back in 2004. What I wanna know is what the level of devastation over this news is. To many, The Game is a G.O.A.T man, he represents another time in hip hop where being hard was the mandate and nothing less would be accepted by the streets. So, do people care? Are we hacked? What are your thoughts on all this? Peep his post and drop your comments below.