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How The #UnderdogDay Voting Process Works

I need to clarify the Underdog Day voting process for some of us as there seems to always be a misunderstanding of what needs to be done.

We used to have a voting poll which you could click on to vote for candidates but that has since been discontinued. We now vote by CLICKING ON THE THE FACEBOOK BUTTON OF THE POST ON THE SITE. Not on the shared Facebook post, and not on Twitter either. Naturally, we share the posts all day on our social media but the push that counts the most is your clicks on the original article.

Like this:

The submission process is still the same. Email [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] making it clear that it's an #UnderdogDay submission. Please ensure that on first email you include a short bio; your STREAMING LINK - not an attached song; your artwork if your link is not from Soundcloud, and ALL the artist's Twitter handles. A lot of people's submissions get delayed to post because we have to email them back asking for a missing Twitter handle or an artwork to which some artists do not respond. Make sure you put yourself in the best position to get full feedback and make it easy for us to post your work when it is approved. Stay ready, always.

How the winning works:
Each week there's a winner who had the most likes. Then each month, there is a winner from the past 4 weeks' winners who had the most likes over everybody (all weeks of the month). THAT is the person who gets to perform at Cantare and his/her song featured on The Stir Up show with Ms Cosmo.

Announcements of week and monthly winners are made on Twitter, either on Tuesday afternoons or Wednesday mornings. Either way, you are always tagged. Should you win the month, you are communicated to accordingly.

I hope this will clarify any confusion.