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How AKA’s Public Break Up With DjZinhle Could Probably Help The Local Female Rap Scene Blow Up.

If you listen to AKA’s music you’ll hardly find the stereotypical lyric that demeans or disrespects women. Normally rappers that include those type of lyrics are reflecting their own reality or fantasy and since it hasn't been a blatant focus from AKA one can assume that's not the fact. Presumably a huge influence to that could be the bond he has with his mother .
So how does he end up being in a situation where the mother of his child becomes a victim? The easy answer is that shit happens and there are a lot of relationships built of the best intent that end up crumbling. Its emotionally draining for both parties on every level and you’ll never understand until you have a child of your me I know.

The difference though with AKA and Dj Zinhle is that they are brands that command and influence an audience from two different worlds. This audience was brought together by their union and then torn apart by their seperation,adding insult to injury was the alleged affair with Bonang.

This added the third audience of women who’d once been scorned,then those that thrive on the gossip and the social media Gods the Meme Lords. The tide was against AKA and there’s no stronger tide than that of a woman scorned.

We all know AKA thrives on controversy and is twitter happy but he also had to calculate everything that he communicated when this happened. Dj Zinhle’s power of sympathy could not only harm AKA but also Bonang all she had to do was push the button. Yet her moves were calculated by keeping everything on her blog she could control the outcome. It almost seemed like she just gave a warning shot and carried on with her life.

One can argue that AKA got his fair share of hate but something makes me believe Zinhle’s target was more Bonang, less AKA. - but thats a conversation for another blog- After AKA is the father of their daughter and also this was the first time he never trolled on Twitter such as the occasions where brands and other competitive artists felt the wrath of his tweets.

Nontheless the AKA brand was tainted. I say this cause we saw Composure take the whole country by storm on a Wednesday and then Thursday Zinhle dropped the bomb and Friday AKA dropped Baddest but it was clouded by Zinhle’s blog post.

AKA might be called pompus and arrogant but I believe that he acknowledges the importance of women in his life including baby Kairo.You hear this echoed on Composure where he expresses his guilt for letting his mom down and at the MTV Base interview with Sizwe where he apologises to Zinhle and all her fans. At the time this was happening the female fans might have not been easy to win back but thats not important when the person you’ve hurt stands in between your relationship with your seed. We can now assume from pictures on Instagram that they might be some reconcilitation between Zinhle and AKA cause he is spending time with the his daughter. Therefore if my assumption is correct the domestic issues are sorted and now there’s nothing left to do but be SuperMega. I guess in honour of all the pain he has probably caused to women that have been close to him he conceptualised a remix that can potentially catapult the perception of some of our leading female mcees.

Whether this was the inspiration or it was organic its working cause after the track dropped social media has been buzzing positively.

After all when one of the biggest rappers in Africa calls up a female sqaud of credible emcees to do a remix for his main single.

You realise that maybe he wasn't ready for a relationship, maybe things went wrong like many other relationships but one thing for sure you cant say he doesn't acknowledge the power of the ladies.

Who are we to judge anyway as long as the music is right.