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Hints On Who's On @DjVigilanteSA New Single ...

Ok so Cashtime is playing a guessing game with us acting like Vigi is looking for people for his new single.
At this point I have two hints on who might be on the remix or atleast the calibre of mc.

Clue 1:

The one mc has a line that says something like Im from a time where there was the clap song but now all I hear is trap songs. That automatically gives a clue that its not a new school cat on the joint so lets start thinking of all the OGs that are still in the game.

Clue 2

This one is a given whenever someone posts a video with no sound it means they not trying to give away the song but when they got the artist name on the video caption what does that mean? Will we be hearing Nasty on this joint?

Peep the Instagram post

Nasty C X Dust DJ...

A video posted by DustDJ #PASOP (@djvigilantesa) on

We want to know Vigi hola at us.