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Get Ready For @Real_Tellaman Wena Music Video ft @jsomethingmusic

I'm so glad about this piece of news and for one big reason only, that Tellaman deserves more recognition than he currently has. I'm lying, that's actually another reason. I tweeted about how Tellaman has so many good songs on his projects but they are never explored the way they should, Wena being one of them. I love this song because it's cross over and with a little radio play can really take Tellaman to a new level in the South African audience radar. This song is typical A-list rotation material. No lie. Ask any compiler and they will attest to the fact.

So then, when I saw that this song is being highlighted in visual form, my heart elated! I pray he makes it an official single and you'll see his star cross over.

Listen to Wena on the Lucid Dream EP: