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From Rapper To Radio Host @Gigi_Lamayne Joins @thisistheeye

Gigi is about to embark on her #GigiGoesGold tour after the drop of her debut album iGenesis, but that's not the only thing she's got going for her. She has just been announced as host for new online radio station, The Eye, formed by Jon Savage and Catherine Grenfell. The Eye is radio you can see as it will also be broadcast visually on The Eye TV. Jon Savage explains how they picked Gigi by saying, “I told Catherine that I was looking for someone super smart, super talented, but also brave enough to speak about things that need to be spoken about fearlessly. In less than 3 seconds, Cath said 'Gigi Lamayne' and as the words came out of her mouth, I said, 'YES! She's perfect.' - We think she was the obvious fit for what we are building with The Eye - which is an alternative to mainstream radio.”

Gigi's show will be hosted every 8 weeks on a Thursday from 14:00 t0 16:00. And if you missed her yesterday you can tune into The Eye TV tonight at 21:00 to catch up on her radio debut.

Make sure you get her album on iTunes while you're at it!