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Find Out Why Skepta Loves Wearing Tracksuits x Sneakers #TrackSuitMafia

How clean is Skepta in that cover pic though?

I have been trying to figure out how Skepta is able to pull off his tracksuit look with sneakers. Really this has been troubling me. I mean this guy makes it so cool and you can easily spot him at fashion shows sitting in the front row wearing tracksuit x sneakers and he will post #TrackSuitMafia via the Gram like it aint no thing.

Lucky for you and me we now have the real reason why Skepta wears Tracksuits x Sneakers.


Read his reason after the jump. Im so happy I know this now cause I can move on with my life and be a hype beast on the next thing.

I was just getting tired of going to the area where I hang around and different estates and seeing the kids hanging round always looking stressed out and troubled. But they’d always have a £300 bag and Balenciaga trainers. Big superman boots on and jeans with 1000 rips in. You can do so much with that money. When I was younger, I was influenced by the guys who were older than me, so I thought maybe it was my time – because I can afford to buy Gucci or Louis if I want, let’s be real – to sacrifice, because I thought maybe these kids are doing it because of me. So I wanted to get back to wearing clothes that are for us. The marketing teams at Nike and JD Sports, they came for us. The people modeling in the windows are people like Jamal from SBTV. I want the kids to see that maybe they should be aligning themselves not just with a price range, but the people who are designing for you.

Source: I.D