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Find Out The Meaning Behind @WTF_DBN x @DJTira #uSbusiso_Blessers Artwork

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WTF feat. DJ TIRA - #uSbusiso_Blessers #BehindTheArtwork
“7 Sgoda for the weave, ama-champagne eVIP, kdliw’ ucheese, kdliw’ ucheese noSbusiso…” WTF just dropped a new hit single with DJ Tira, uSbusiso (Blessers), and the artwork for the new track is full of imagery of the very words we speak of in this highly infectious hook. We are living in a time where indulgence & debauchery are at the centre of a relationship is fast getting a cult following from women and men in our society. The men are called “Blessers” – these guys are high rollers, the ballers, with all the money in the world to sort most of your problems out, amongst other less important qualities to the quick-scanning Croc eyes. Of course, the Blessers live at the most sought after addresses in the country, and they are known to spend racks on racks on racks to court their potential companions in the hope of winning their attention, affection, and even love.

So what are the benefits? Expensive alcohol plays a huge role in the Blessers and Crocs lifestyle - the more expensive the liquor, the better, the excessive living image must be maintained at all times, by both parties. Hence the Moet champagne in the artwork. As well as latest gadgets, most expensive clothes, cars, apartments and trips to Dubai.
The mansion and the Ferrari with 4 pipes in the artwork refers to DJ Tira’s bridge where he reflects on the high-rolling Blessers lifestyle - from the Blesser’s point of view. The Blesser boasts about his spending ability, and that highlights the Blessers entitlement and pride in having achieved in life, and the reckless spending of their hard earned money on anything they want. Because they can.
The crocs: this is basically referring to the women attracted to this fast, extravagant, give-give life – for the sole purpose of the benefits. Blessed girls are wowed not by the person courting them, but by their mansions, fast cars and anything under the sun that can be purchased with their big money. The crocs are compliment the Blessers in pursuit of a fast, materialistic, high maintenance life. We’re seeing it all the time, it’s crazy, it’s funny. Being amongst and seeing this lifestyle everywhere we go is interesting, and exciting. Except the leash part – Blessers are known to be quite controlling as well, amongst being so giving. The fast-life, high maintenance crocs end up being under a spell of abuse.
Everyone is using each other.