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Find Out How @Uno_July Will Record His Zero Hour Zone LP In 24 Hours

Uno July is one brave man. Actually, he is very creative. Today Uno will be recording an entire project in 24 hours. The project is titled Zero Hour LP. This will be happening at Red Bull Studios.

Here is what Uno had to say about the project:

Yes yes ya’ll, I did it! I executed 2 albums in one year, or at least I should say one more left which follows up the Uno ’n Only effort released in April 2016. For what i’m about to do it may be too early to call it but the determination, the confidence and excitement cannot hold me back from announcing it bruh.

Some may call it an ambitious under-taking and an impossible task but being the purposeful and driven artist that I am, this is another challenge i’ve set for myself to tick off my check-list. On Thursday, the 17th of November 2016, bare witness as I will be recording history once again at the Cape Town Red Bull Studios which will be titled the “Zero Hour Zone LP”. The aim is to record a full album in 24 hours and also complete other aspects that encompass in campaigning a whole project such as artwork preparation, photo + video shoots, mixing and mastering sessions, press activities and then concluded with a launch event at the end of the night.

Why?? I’m bored cuh. I get that currently we should be celebrating how far we have come and developed as the SA Hip Hop nation, but for me personally I live to see more alternative options and create more diversity in our industry. Other than just creating a song with a piece of artwork only to be posted on blogs then evaporate into thin air, I decided to initiate a culture shift by constructing a creative platform where I can play outside of the mainstream red tape and express my art freely. Painstakingly, this 24 Hour Project initiative speaks to a wider categories of art and using it as an avant grade approach, in producing a unique way of presenting music and an artistic expression. I figured its time a trade in the “rapper” label and establish myself as a cultural curator.

Undeniably this will be a groundbreaking moment, dope music + a culture shifting opportunity. I take pride in the power of the music and the idea. Hope you guys will engage & share along the same vision with the young God.

Powers. Ill Skillin.Uno July