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Find Out How @kanyewest Ended Up Being Credited On @Drake Two Birds One Stone

Week in, week out Kanye always seems to make the news. I wonder how he actually does it. The latest Kanye news is how he was credited as being a writer on Drake's Two Birds One Stone track. According to the credits Kanye is listed as producer and writer. But before you go crazy now, OVO's 40 is going to explain this whole thing to us and how Kanye ended up being credited. The other weird thing here is Drake dissing Pusha who is G.O.O.D Music president. So it would be pretty awks if Kanye was dissing his president right?

Here is what 40 had to say:

“Me and Kanye produced the track,” he told Genius exclusively. “I made it from some drums he had given me. Not quite the elaborate story the world is looking for.”

Peep the jab at Pusha:

"But really it’s you with all the drug dealer stories That’s gotta stop, though. You made a couple chops and now you think you Chapo. If you ask me though, you ain’t lining the trunk with kilos. You bagging weed watching Pacino with all your niggas Like, 'This what we need to be on,' but you never went live you middle-man in this sh!, boy, you was never them guys I can tell, ‘cause I look most of you dead in your eyes and you’ll be tryna sell that story for the rest of your lives"

Stream the track after the jump: