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A Story By @Skinnygenes_TV: Find Out How @DJSPEEDSTA Became A @Palmtree_za Fan

So PDogg (from PalmTree Paradise) called me last week Friday telling me he will be in Jo'burg with PalmTree and I was like "that's dope, y'all should flood that place because they don't know y'all and when something appears interesting and refreshing people will take note". We spoke about some other stuff which is still being plotted. To put you in the game, in case you're asking who these PalmTree cats are, they're a rap crew from Dubane who have a refreshing single, Unbelievable, that has been slept on. You will understand all of this at the end of this piece so keep reading. Trust me, it gets interesting.

So here is the story. I was scouring the Twitter streets and bumped into tweets from DJ Speedsta on the day he became a fan of Palm Tree Paradise. I know what you're thinking, it's just a twitter co-sign from Speedsta and you should have better things to be writing about. WRONG!

You see, ever since I started writing here at SOL, I become excited when new cats are about to enter the rap game. It takes time but when the main players in the game like Speedsta and Scoop see the talent our job is done and it's onto the next. I wrote a similar story in the past but I don't want to come across as a dude who is all about claiming new acts. You can connect the dots if you wish.

Listen to the Unbelievable single:

We dropped their music video in September. Watch it after the jump.

Now you can read the story of how Speedsta became a fan of PalmTree.

I hope with the influence that Speedsta has, he can get these guys out there. They really got next and I hope this makes the nation aware of the talent these cats have. I really apologize if I am hypebeasting them and this whole situation. It's the curse of being a fan of hip hop and the culture.