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#FBookPostOfTheWeek - Social Media Tells Us If @CassperNyovest Will #FillUpOrlandoStadium

L0L h0w can y0u even ask that? Let me break it d0wn 4 y0u ... S0 4 me th0se wh0 didn't g0 t0 the D0me last year are surely g0ing t0 buy they're tickets earlier this time ar0und including the his ( Cassper ) haters .. And I predict Cassper is g0ing t0 sell this DVD m0nths be4 the 0rland0 s0 that we can get excited & buy the tickets quicker

This guys sure break it down for me.

Peep what social media told us about Cassper Nyovest #FillUpOrlandoStadium

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