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#FbookPostOfTheWeek: Social Media Reacts To @CassperNyovest @akaworldwide Hug

Wow, it's a lot mate and what a time to be alive.

Fill Up Orlando has come and gone. There are many moments from the show that left us all in awe. But not even Nkabinde could have predicted what was to come. Nkabinde is clutch with the bones and predicting stuff. Not even he could have called the AKA and Cassper reconciliation that happened after Fill Up Orlando. The below images were taken after the show by Urban Kreative SA and what we can tell you is that AKA and Cassper are mates again. Okay, maybe they're not besties who are going to be face timing and texting favs sending heart love emojis but it seems like peace has been restored.


Now that you've seen the pics, it's time to cue up all the social media responses which made this story our FacebookPost of the week. Some of the responses are hilarious, some are positive and some come from a good place. Which ever side you support let's be honest by saying that this is good for music. You know where I am going with this. Can you imagine a Cass and AKA track? Shuu, it's a lot mate!

Peep the responses after the jump.

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