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#FBookPostOfTheWeek : Social Media Reacts To Cassper x Aka Repping SA Hip Hop In America

Cassper and AKA may not like each other but they are doing a damn good job of putting SA Hip Hop on the map. We ran with a post on Facebook this past weekend asking peeps what the moves AKA x Cassper mean for the game. These were peoples responses.

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AKA Comments

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For me seeing another black man succeed inspires me. I think it should inspire other black people. Black people couldn't do what we are doing now. Black people can win, black people can be successful, black people can own business, black people can now inspire other races, black people can do what the oppressors didn't want us to do. Black people don't really stand together. They see a young succeeding man on Sway they hate, they see a young black man make moves they hate. Stop hating and do something big in your life to satisfy that empty hole. Congratulations to Cassper Nyovest. Keep on making moves, it inspires us black people and all other races included. Thank you!!! - Lation La Muzića on Cassper

Cassper Nyovest Comments

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