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Louis Farrakhan Interview With Breakfast Club - Inspiration For The Week

I just hope this give you a reality check of the real challenges we faced with not only as a race but as a human race. I hope watching and reading this changes your perspective on how you address your blessings or your challenges. You need to make time to watch this and if you feel the people around you might get offended please put on some headphones.
Its funny how the plague and challenges of black folks are almost the same in every part of the world some inherited and others self inflicted.
Unskilled black men lose jobs when foreign countries start buying our land in our case its worst when they already struggling while the land is still theirs.We already experiencing the impact of unemployment through drugs in most of our ghettos across the country.
This interview talks about my thoughts on our kids lives being worst than what we are going through right now or rather what kids in all hoods are going through.
The awakened are always black balled cause nowadays even our own people are selling us out for the money. Awakened people dont want to start a war they want things to make sense and its easier to kill a million awaken people than rule them. When I say kill I dont mean literally but killing their ambition,optimism,hope and drive to make things better.
I guess like South Africa America is for sale cause from the land comes everything.

I keep speaking to my peers in the industry about how black people are powerful when they get together but they dont want to organise themselves. They only do that when a corporate or government calls them in. Equity is also influence and not only money,infact money is made through influence thats why brands around the world spend billions to buy the influence of cultural leaders. If we got our influence together to drive our agendas to the private sector,government and the community our lives would completely change. Yet we keep on waiting for a call from the brand,the man and the government to take ourselves seriously.

Heres a warning to my brothers that are always plugging their great ideas on social media the man is watching and taking them and making a lot of money of that.They always want to take your wealth cause your ideas is how they keep their businesses around for centuries.
Please listen to what he says about the Klu Klux Klan on part two of the interview. In relation to us in many instances the oppressor has come back in our own complexion.
Farrakhan says that anyone from the President should think hard before killing him and if they do kill him they'll see that theres a God behind him.
I just posted this cause I felt there are a lot of jewels for my brother and sisters.