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Expect #YAFR By @beatmochini x @ByLwansta Soon

Okay, this is a real fairytale type situation for me. So, Bylwansta released his Your Absolutely Right Ep back in August and on that 9 track piece, Beatmochini produced a track titled The Routine. Get this though? Beatmochini decided to remix the entire EP with whole new beats and instrumental treatment. WHOA!

"I also fell in love with the body of work and what its content symbolizes to me. I too went through most of the things the youngin' went through, and thought it would be best to ask to remix the whole Ep yet again."

I don't think you understand how massive this is. Bylwansta is just a come up kid, a very talented one at that. But Beatmochini, although he often says he's underrated, is fast on his way to being one of the most formidable producers of our time. I think it's really dope that someone out there in Durban can gain his attention through his music. It speaks a lot to the quality of the kid's work. It's gonna be called Your Absolutely F#!ng Right EP: The Remixes and a release date hasn't been announced yet but I'll say in my own accord, I've heard some pieces of the mixes and it's gonna be something to listen to.

Stream the current EP as it is right now: