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Expect #ParadiseReloaded From @reece_youngking

Look, there's levels to these things chief.

So just as we were trying to take in the fire that was CUTaways EP, while simultaneously trying to contain ourselves as we impatiently wait for Paradise, A-Reece decides to drop another bomb on us! Not just a regular dynamite coming in small packages either, I'm talking Hiroshimma and Nagasaki type bombs. The young king is set to drop a reloaded version of Paradise which will feature international artists from the UK, USA, Canada and Jamaica. Even though there is no mention of who exactly will be featured on it, I'm saving this date, 02/12/2016 'cause this is another top-shelf move by the emcee and his ever winning stable Ambitiouz Entertainment.

The countdown to the original album is well under way with only 10 days to go to it's release. And if like me, you just can't wait till then. Here's the CutAways EP to keep you occupied!

Download CUTaways EP!