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Expect @OCTOPIZZO Album Month End

One of East Africa's popular rappers, Octopizzo is soon to drop an album titled Refugeenius which is a collaborative project with some of the refugees from other parts of Africa and you can expect to hear it month end. It promises to contain hit after hit.

The Kenyan microphone addict has blessed you with sizzling jams like Prezidental, Utanisho, All Black Everything and Twende Butere. The album will surely grab your attention with acts from Somalia, South Sudan, Burundi, Congo and Ethiopia. Furthermore, it will make you embrace the continent's talent regarding music more.

Octopizzo is not only a rapper but also a philanthropist. He is the founder of Octopizzo Foundation which is also a Youth Supporter, as well as the founder of Refugee Art Progra.

Check out his latest music video for Utanisho: