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Expect @ntukzasa #FamilyOverEverything Album Month End

October is the new December I say! Well, until "Dezemba" actually arrives and scraps every other month off the damn calendar. Ntukza announced that we should expect Family Over Everything month end of October. He says we can, and should already request it in our music stores. I ain't gonna tell you again! Since parting ways with Cashtime Life, Ntukza has been on a journey to find and express his own voice as best he can. He definitely hasn't lost any juice as far as music is concerned. He just gave us say No More featuring Fifi Cooper, a beautiful love song from the OG. Ai, nothing like that old school love from a G. Trust that we'll be waiting to hear what his debut solo album will be sounding like.

Stream his latest drop Say No More featuring Fifi Cooper: