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Expect New @ChadDaDon ft @YoungstaCpt Single #FU On Friday

Oh-oh! Wait, lemme play it again so I can entice you for the drop on Friday...

For those who don't recognise, Chad Da Don is problematic on the rhymes and F U is no day off for him. While he's recovering from injury sustained in an accident he was in, the music in him is singing louder than any other force in the universe and he tags with the problematic Youngsta to join him on this massacre.

The beat is so commanding, you can't ignore the bass undertone and while you're bopping your head you can't help but stick close to every word Chad is spitting and you're attempting to cope with that, Youngsta puts a nail on the coffin. The only way to survive this heat is to replay it really. Friday, meet us back here for the whole story! ISHUU!