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Expect @ICUmusic - Jerusalema Next Week

09-11-2016 is the date to remember if you don't want to miss out on what promises to be a banger from the Keep Goin hitmakers. I had to take you back to 2012 just to show you how long these dudes have been doing their thing.

"Everytime I step into the ring I go so hard that I can't even think" was their mantra in that year and that's been the case ever since. I'm trying to figure out what to expect from this joint but I really can't come up with much because they are so versatile. However, judging from the title and the artwork, this might just be a soundtrack for the hustlers. Don't quote me on that.

If you are reading this thinking "how can this guy miss something so obvious" or know something I don't, please do enlighten me in the comments section below.