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Expect @ginger_trill #Swaggaphobia Next Week

Now, those of you who are affiliated with the "gang-gang" will understand just how much of a victory this announcement actually is. The release of Swaggaphobia is finally upon us!

Okay, let me start afresh. Ginger Breadman has a secret gang club comprising of hardcore soldiers who are recruited by him and sworn to support and secrecy. This gang, among other things has front row seat to exclusive, unreleased content from the don. Now, this particular single Swaggaphobia has been in the safe for about a year if not two and finally you will get to hear it. It was recorded fresh off his Mo'Better mixtape wing so he was very experimental on the sound, and he had just caught a fresh wind what with the almost haunting production leaning towards the trap sound courtesy of King Blu. The only difference is the rap finesse is higher grade level and the hook is too infectious. Can Monday just get here already? My apparently "spooky" ringtone will finally fit into society for the first time in two years! Yaaas!