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Expect @EmteeSA Sophomore Album This Spring

The African Trap lord has mentioned that his album will arrive in September this year.

Now, knowing the work ethic and the amount of energy he's been putting into the album (as evidenced on his social media) there's no doubt that that timeline could be definite despite the fact that we know record labels have the final say as to when an artist album drops. I think it's perfect timing if you ask me as the build up has already begun with drops such as Ghetto Hero co-produced by the legendary Don Laka and now Corner Store produced by Tweezy. At around September, a lot of artist's summer campaigns start to lift off and dropping an album at that fresh and happening time is not a bad idea at all. People will be jamming to it all the way into and out of the festive season. We sure can't wait to hear what he's done with it 'cause he's been promising fire on it. EXCITING TIMES!

Check out this moving video for Ghetto Hero: