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Exclusive Stream x Download: @Rickytylershow x @OfficialTshego 'Swerve Remix' cc @Playground_sa x @familytreeworld

Oh boy oh boy. We just got the official exclusive "Swerve Remix" with the homies RickyTyler x Tshego catching such a major wave on the record. This is that joint you play loud x whilst swerving. Nice one from the dudes. I can already see the music video.

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Ricky Tyler released his first single in 2013 tiltled “Aint Nobody” along with the music video which you can find on You Tube. The second single he released was a song titled “Remember” of which you can on find his “Sound Cloud”. Shortly after these releases he was recognised by Playground Productions who now mentor and produce his music. “Swerve” which is his latest single produced by Playground Productions is now out and trending on social media.