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#onLifeQNA - @OKMALUMKOOLKAT Talks #MlaziMilano x #NtwanaYam x His Plans For 2016

Okmalumkoolkat dropped Ntwana Yami two days ago and I decided to reach out to dude to get where his head is at, why he dropped this record, who are the producers on the album and all the normal x general stuff you would expect in an onlife QNA.

Peep the answers after the jump.

Mainly what can people expect from the album

I cannot say right now.

Who produced the album

I think I am the executive producer for now, Petite Noir was keen to do it but he is also working on his album overseas right now. The beats are collected from producers all over the world. I have a beat from Rudeboyz, some beats from Lunatik Beatz, Jumping Back Slash, Dj LAG, Ntwana Yam' just dropped and it has a SUUP Zulu beat. There is a couple from The Good Dokta, a beat from Trunote, some beats from The Clonious ( part of Holy Oxygen ). It's a lot from all over and some producers have killed my vibe a bit, sending me beats and then hitting me back on some, 'eish, I forgot and I had sent the beat to mang mang

The significance of this track

I think I have always been pushing this thing that, yeah we can rap but we are even fresher when using sounds that resonate locally, don't get me wrong, Trap is cool too but I want to make a cat from Atlanta feel my vibe too. That's the New Age Kwaito, Primustof music vibe, sometimes I call it Smanje-manje Rap. The message is everything and I hope it falls on the right ears and spark up a music revolution in Southern Africa and the whole continent actually.

What inspired the artwork ?

I wrote the song for all the Ntwanas out there, even the grown up ones like myself. That really got me thinking about the whole father and son relationship/ uncle and nephew relationship. Half the time the kids won't listen even though, the elder has more experience. My son is only 7 right now so he cannot understand the storyline n the song but I always hope to make records that last so he could understand in the future, that goes for my fans too.

Any surprises on the album

They won't be surprises if I told then, would they?

Is it the same sound as SmanjeManje or something new

I have a problem being boxed in by genres so I actually leave it up to fans and theorists to name the sounds. Right now, everything I do has a Simiso Zwane touch.

What are his plans for rest of the year

Drop the album, shoot videos and films, tour, raise my son, take care of my family and community.