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@Ejay_CPT Apartheid Documentary Teaser Video

We unintentionally posted some stuff that E-Jay's team wanted to clear. In my nonchalant way I mentioned the beef he had with Tweezy and I apologise for that cause thats not what his team want to potray. Please check the message from the team for myself and every fan of E-Jay and Tweezy.

I noted that you quoted the beef between Tweezy and E-Jay. I would like to say something and have it on record: We are not a controversial entity trying to build our by capitalizing on beefs with the industry.

The aim of this project is to showcase that Cape Town is capable of creating quality commercially viable music if given the support. Often you hear how Cape town is limited. You have had Cape Town artists say this on SlikourOnLife countless time. The EP is anti-thesis of that. It is proof to say "we can" instead of having an argument with words lets do it with actions.

I am happy Sean pages noted the quality of the artwork. We spent time drawing up that concept and making sure that it stands and meets international standards. Our hope will get anyone who comes across the project to assess the package from tracklisting, music production, artwork and post production. All those facets that make a quality product. If we are found to be wanting we are happy to learn and improve.

Another thing to note is we are not here to fire shots at Tweezy. He is talented being. We hope people get to his ability to craft music through his own hands and those of others. The intro is the first time the world hears him as a rapper. Their synergy with E-Jay is undeniable. Probably the SA equivalent of Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg.

We would like seek your help in our drive to deliver good music from Cape Town to the rest of South Africa. Thanks again.