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Early Arrival Of @brysontiller #TrueToSelf Album x Peep Somethin Tells Me Video

The music surface just about shook this morning when all the fans realised that True To Self was out and it wasn't bootlegged nor was it a prank. Bryson evidently couldn't hold his excitement and he dropped the album about a month early.

The 19 track piece is a mash of his raps and singing with a huge RnB-Trap influence. Well, this gives us a head start for the Extra Cold vibe coming in two weeks. This album will have you in your feels but what I love about it so far is how much it's introducing Bryson to me. He's very open and comfortable in his truth on here.

You can cop it on iTunes today, stream some teasers of the tracklist on here:

In the meantime, he's shared the breathtaking visual for Somethin Tells Me. It's such a shades of beauty display, it makes my soul dance with joy.