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@DreamTeamdbn Announce Album Release Date And A Message From @DreamteamTrey

A message from Trey from DreamTeam
Finally able to share with your that @dreamteamdbn is planning to drop our debut album on the 29 JULY 2015. The pride i have looking at this cover art cannot be explained. The fulfillment i feel when listening to the album overflows, and while im so nervous to hear what you as a supporter think or feel about these songs that we have chosen to put out, i know that our lives will never be the same after this date! There will be people who hate, there will be critics, there will be dispellers. But we will not be moved! This is the album of the year!... Thank you for supporting my and our dreams to this point. I genuinely hope you fall in love with this album the way we have while making it for you... Really truly DREAMS NEVER EVER DIE