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Stream & Download: @ginger_trill - #Swaggaphobia

I'm actually not so sure I wanna share this song with you guys anymore. It's personal! Haha. Eish. Okay...

Trilly Suave has decided to finally unleash this banger after a over a year in the Trill Gang safe. We had almost forgotten about it ever seeing the light of day until he made this announcement. Hopefully people will stop saying my ringtone is spooky 'cause they'll recognise what it is. King Blu done hit the nail on the head with the haunting harmonies in the background. Sheeesh! Then the trappy drums too. This beat is too intricate for words. Enter The Don. Dude is just too flexible for words. Whether he's trapping, rapping in Tswana or boxing with the best in the game, he never fails to show up with the punches and lyrical finesse. Trilly just created a whole new word to add to our vocab for all those nay-sayers. Ungasali!

Download Swaggaphobia here