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Dope Sht You Could Of Missed In December That Deserves Shine In 2016

Smashis - Simelane

Smashis finally dropped his mixtape on his birthday. It was a dope tape but the timing was so wrong in my opinion. You could of easily missed this but it deserves a whole lot of attention considering the boy has finally dropped his record indecently. It features Kwesta,Kid X and Emtee to name a few.

Download the tape over here

Dj Speedsta - The Guy Episode 1 Season 2 016 To The World

Dj Speedsta's mixtape dropped on the first Friday of December and although people were still around a lot of people were on switching off mode. It got some good traction but its a dope project that I think deserved a lot more love. Listen to it hear or and buy it at the Onlife Store.

Buy the album over here.

Stilo Magolide - Camron Diaz

Stilo Magolide dropped the video for More during the rush of December.Shot in Maputo I feel this video deserved MORE attention but its never too late. Stilo Magolide's Camron Diaz mixtape is available at the Onlife Store. You can buy it here.

Buy the album over here

Kid X Cool As You Like x Blak Lez:

From what I hear they'll be a huge campaign around Kid X this year so if you missed this never fear you'll be seeing more of him. Its been said there's a big promo budget from Cashtime to support him.

EJAY - Party Till Ekseni

On the last week of December E-Jay dropped his video for Party Till Ekseni. The single had more than 100k downloads on the site and Im are those people that downlaoded it would love to see the video. Lets double the downloads with views nah mean.

Kwesta -DAKAR Disc 1

This album was supposed to be dropped early December or late November but was delayed.Kwesta hit us with a surprise release or rather a Christmas present. DAKAR's disc one is currently on the iTunes streets. Make sure you get it now

JOVISLASH - 2015 Wrap Up

Jovi wrapped up the year and expressed some things that were close to his heart in 2015. He also dropped this close to the end of the month last year. He had some words for L-Tido and Sean Pages about their claim to Alex.

Did we miss anything? Please hola on the comments section.