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If You Do Kasi Rap @DjZanD Is Looking For You See Why.

What is Kasi Rap:
- it is rap music which tells stories from the Townships by the people who lived there. It's usually in vernacular and is commonly used for diss tracks and emphasis on Township life. - It is not clear when Kasi Rap started but it became more recognized in the 2000's when more and more rappers started rapping in their own languages moving away from English and American slangs and accents.

It was then made popular by the likes of Deep Level, ProKid, Zakwe and now recently Duncan.

Why Kasi Rap Mixtape:
- As a Hip Hop Dj who is popular to breaking new artists and music, I get sampled with a lot of music on a daily and that's when I get to discover a whole lot of fresh new talent. Also as a club Dj, every time I get to a new city, I always make sure that I research about their local & popular rappers and that's when I sometimes get to even meet this rappers.

The aim of the mixtape:
- Local hip hop is flooded with a lot of music that sounds the same so this Mixtape is about giving people quality, real hip hop and something different. - We've lately seen the same 5 artist always getting features and the spotlight in the country and making it harder for unknow rappers to get know, this is aimed at introducing fresh new talent, the hottest rappers hand picked by myself from all corners of the country. - The criteria used for the selection of rappers was strictly based on excellent rap skills, articulation and flows so no mediocre rappers will be featured on this tape.

There is still space for a few more artists to be featured in the Kasi Rap Mixtape. For anyone else interested, they can send samples of their work to [email protected]

Note that this is Kasi Rap, so if the person raps only in English or about the Turn Up this is not for them