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@DJSwitchSA Releases Final Features For #NowOrNeverRemix

When Switch released these final names yesterday, there was a bit of unsettlement on social media of certain artist fans ( & the artists themselves ) ranting on why they aren't on the remix cause they're great and all and deserve to be. #NowOrNever was, I would say, the track this year to revive lyricism. Great track and yeah, I get why every "dope" rapper out there would want to jump on the remix.

BUT, how do y'all expect DJ Switch to feature the WHOLE WORLD on this track ? I'm not talking on behalf of him but he probably knew what he was doing when he chose these specific names to be on the remix. We've got a lot of dope rappers that bring their A-Game when they drop bars & represent the culture & them not being included in this remix does not take that any of that away from them.

I believe that are a whole lot of A1 tracks that are still to come where everybody that thinks they deserve ( cause naturally in Hip Hop everybody thinks they deserve ) will be put on if the opportunity is presented.

Again, if there is a rapper you feel should have been added, them not being included does not take away their level of ability when it comes to their craft or how important they are to the culture. It just means that "today was not their day." ( You catch my drift )

On the other hand, the talk around this whole situation is making me happy knowing that #NowOrNever is being viewed in this magnitude. That's on some dope s%@t fah real.

And by the way Switch, THIS LIST IS 🔥🔥🔥

xx, Thandow Masina