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@DJSabby To Release New Single - #WhatchuWant ft PhatPro Flyshades and Jovislash

YFM’s DJ Sabby will be releasing his brand new single titled #WhatchuWant on Thursday, 4th June 2015. This is his 3rd official single after #ILoveYouRemix in 2014 with Habida, Flabba & Jovislash.

DJ Sabby has been working on #WhatchuWant since late 2014 and he feels that now is the right time for this fun record to be released. He has worked with PhatPro Flyshades again on production allowing DJ Sabby to introduce PhatPro Flyshades to the mainstream as a talented artist. Jovislash is no new name in the game with his flair and versatility so it was a given that he had to be featured on the single.

"#WhatchuWant is about people who call you back after a long period and claim to miss you and want to hang out. This could be a lover or maybe someone who was very close to you but we are actually addressing exes in this particular single. This record for me is to prepare people for more work that I have planned to drop this year and #WhatchuWant is perfect as my first single for 2015. So when we drop the record, download it and make it a ringtone, so when those irrelevant ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends call you... Your ringtone will be #WhatchuWant" expresses DJ Sabby

WhatchuWant will be released on Thursday, 4th June 2015. Do keep an eye out for it.