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Is SA Ready For Streaming Services? Enter Deezer

They've been many streaming services that have launched in the country but are we ready for streaming?
Recently Vodacom introduced a streaming service they endorse called Deezer. Its a streaming service offering users access to over 35 million tracks,
but whenever you bring streaming into any conversation chances are people will bring up the fact that it chows data therefore as a country we not ready for it.

Here's a few things that a lot of people dont know about streaming and in my opinion these facts can change the trend once communicated clearly in the market.

1.You can stream the music using your data but thats not always the best solution. The best solution is to find a wifi spot and download the album or song you like. Streaming is currently popular in countries that are very advanced with their WIFI usage and in SA we are not that far off we just need this information communicated so we can get on.

2.Once you album is streamed search for an offline option. This option allows you to take the music from online i.e. Wifi connection to offline i.e. in the memory of your phone. Therefore you can listen to your favorite album on your phone without your data being charged. If the music is still cutting you probably haven't taken your music offline and its being played on your data.

3.Streamed music is like a library that lives in your phone and with Deezer you have an option of more than 35million songs. You have the privilege to listen to anything you want at a fixed price. Its sort of like an audio pay channel but way cooler.

So the question is are we ready to start using streaming services in South Africa? With the convenience its brings plus its affordability
my answer is yes.

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