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Cop @2freshLES x @GeminiMajor - #Lifestyle For #F2DFridays

Yo! The North God's got another one for us and this time it features Don Dada, Gemini Major. I'll do my best to describe the joint and give you FOMO while at it. Lifestyle is a heavy bass trap leaning smash which sees Gemini Major and Da Les do what I like to call, a true collaboration. We hear them rap and sing toe-to-toe with each other which gives it that much flavour. You also won't resist to dab along to the groove as you rap in celebration of your said lifestyle. This is the anthem of the good life. Where can you get it? It's available on the below music platforms👇🏾

Lemme give you FOMO with the hook till such time as we either post it up for you, or you actually buy it.