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Clap For @Nadia_Nakai First Female MC To Get A Brand Endorsement

Nadia Signs Deal With Brutal Fruit

Well this is a bit premature cause its not announced by the brand yet but she's already posted it up on her Instagram. Im not too sure of the endorsement details but this is not only exciting for females, but is also a sign of how far the hip hop game has come.
Its not only the guys that are being acknowledged but also the ladies. Why its important to clap for Nadia? Well no matter what your opinion is about her she's pioneered a move like this for female mcees in the rap game. Things like these are normally reserved for tv presenters or radio personalities so to all the ladies behind the mic this is where you stand together and learn from each other. We need to see more female collaborations there are so many dope ladies with different styles but none of them have come together and just did some dope shit that was documented on video and played on our screens.Can we get some sexy,lyrical,tomboy,pretty collaboration going on soon? Infact now that I think about it its generally hard for black female artists to get acknowledged by brands you could probably count them on one hand. So it a big deal not only for the rap game.