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Catch Us Live W/ @DJVigilanteSA @Rikyrickworld @CassperNyovest @DJSPEEDSTA From #CastleLiteUnlocks

Tis' finally Castle Lite Unlocks day with Travis Scott and Bryson Tiller supporting our local acts DJ Vigilante, Riky Rick, Cassper Nyovest and DJ Speedsta out at the Ticket Pro Dome tonight! Now, let's not even speak of tickets and all that mess at this last hour because if you're life is not fixed, then we don't have news for you.

BUT, you need not fret if you won't be joining us 'cause we'll be going live on Instagram AND Facebook throughout the night with our local stars as they come off stage. Don't expect their performances though 'cause I believe that's why they have tickets for that. We're just gonna be keeping you in the loop with what's going on at the party. Fair enough? I think so!

Stay tuned all night to our socials:
Twitter: @slikouron
Instagram: @slikouronlife
Facebook: Slikour On Life