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Catch Up On @mtvbasesouth #BaseCypher ft @Rouge_Rapper @Marazamc @Priddy_Ugly

MTV Base is on one right now, and I think it's 'cause of that crown controversial list coming up soon on their roundtable. Also, it is that time of the year where we reflect on the hardest working squads and artists of the year.

Nonetheless, MTV Base brings back their #BaseCypher from today till next week Monday, 28th November. We got dibs on today's New Skool edition which opened up the court featuring some of our star lyricists of this year, Rouge, Maraza and Priddy Ugly with DJ Switch as pilot on that soundtrack!

#BaseCypher will air daily at 07:00 and again at 16:00 but we've got you online if you need to catch up!

Have a look: