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@CassperNyovest #TurnUpGang VS @KiffNoBeat And AKA's False Alarm

I got a call from a close homie alerting me about the apparent robbery of KiffNoBeats song by Casper Nyovest. Knowing how Cassper moves I said to my dude Cassper's probably paying homage to KiffNoBeat with his own version of the track.
I've also never heard the full song from Cassper I just saw the video below which looked like an intro to his performance. Artists generally use other artist songs as intros on stage so I never saw anything wrong.
I did tell my friend though that if he stole the song that would be completely wack.

Then while we were on the phone Cassper's favourite Frenemy AKA dropped this tweet and it started the debate.


His followers responded like this:


Cassper Nyovest - South African Remix - Turn Up Gang

Kiff No Beat - Tu Es Dans Pain: Original Version

Then one of the followers tried to hit up Kiff No Beat to alert them of this robbery and the response changed everything.




And thats a wrap.
AKA deleted his tweet and life was back to normal.

And thats the tale of an allegedly "stolen" song.
Enjoy your day and a happy Thursday:)

If I was Cassper I would officially drop this remix now cause now we all want to hear it.